Annotation to Exhibition of Yakov Shainsky Paintings “Visible Music”

S. Blumental

The collection of paintings-compositions, created and modeled by the artist-designer Y. Shainsky, consists of five paintings, combined into the cycle “Visible Music”: “I see music”, “Purim”, “Motele in the Town of Fairy Tales” “Black Prince”, “Farewell to Career”.

The idea of creating this cycle was inspired by the spirituality of the unique beauty of Caesarea scenery combined with the powerful energetic sound of the Mediterranean sea and the spirit of its ancient history. The artist creates compositions of “sounding painting”, combining the visual perception of real beauty of the seen and the heard, with a fantastic display of the spiritual in the painting “I see music”.

Emancipation of author’s intuition and his philosophy in a vision of sound spirituality is achieved by using the grotesque allegory in the image “of running music” emanating from a fabulous black violin in the painting “Black Prince”. The use of grotesque and black color allows the artist to enhance the psychophysical effect on the spectator, creating his inner sound and echo in the soul. We see a flight of fancy in the spirit of expressionism and surrealism in paintings “Purim” and ” Motele in the Town of Fairy Tales.”

Completing the cycle “Visible Music” with the painting “Farewell to Career”, the author combined the “earth” music (with a disk on the painting representing it) and personal state of soul, sadly summing up his activities at a particular moment of life.

Eclecticism of styles and surprises of techniques used by the author in modeling paintings, visually enhances the effect of the their perception. Combination of real -sounding music and the spirit allows the artist to “see the sound” and spirituality, i.e. musical inspiration.

From The Guset Book Of Visitors Of Exhibition “Visible Music”

With deep gratitude, I saw and felt all that you have invested in your paintings.
They breathe out music and joy.
Lyudmila Mihlina

Brilliant! Unusual and impressive. Thanks to the author for the moments of
discovery and delight.
Anatoly Sheider

Looking at these paintings – I am glad that my vision of things is the same with
yours. I gladly look at these paintings, they decorate any room and, of course, life.
Thank you!
Svetlana Potap

One thought on “Reception

  1. Very unusual and interesting pictures, which expressed LOVE to his family, to Israel, to the entire Universe.
    Thank you, I wish you the best in your creation and your life!

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